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Accessing Load Balanced Content Delivery Servers

One of the most common issues that arise on load balanced content delivery servers, is that there is a problem only with one of the servers. But troubleshooting this should be easy if you follow one (or in my case, all) of the following three options. 1. Set Http response headers for each content delivery server Within IIS, at the root server node, choose "HTTP Response Headers". From Actions, add a unique value for each of your servers. For example Name      Value x-s            01 x-s            02 x-s            03 Now when you bring up your webpage, you can go to Chrome developer tools and find the x-s value in the response headers section as shown in the image below 2. Add the below line (above the </body> tag) to your default layout (master page) so that all pages on your website inherit it. <!-- Server MachineName = @HttpContext.Current.Server.MachineName --> Now, when you bring up your webpage, right click on the page and choose &qu