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Sitecore IP Geolocation

 To setup Sitecore IP Geolocation functionality, you must go to the Sitecore Support & Self Service portal and sign up for a subscription. Refer to this Sitecore article  for more info.  After we have subscribed to the Sitecore IP Geolocation functionality to validate it we use the TestIP.aspx page. Check out thie Sitecore support page to get the TestIP.aspx page and upload it to the Sitecore folder on your server. Open the https://hostname/sitecore/TestIp.aspx page Sample Test IP's to test with:  Africa IP : US IP: UK IP: Make sure the response from the TestIP.spx has the correct country for different test IP's. Once this works we know that the Sitecore IP Geolocation functionality is enabled.  How do we use this functionality in our application.  Just use the personalization rules in Sitecore under the "Geo IP" section (see image below) . So you can control what content is shown to a user based on their location.  We