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Install Brightcove Sitecore connector 10.1 and above

Brightcove Sitecore connector 10.0 and below use the Media Framework which is depricated by Sitecore. Brightcove Sitecore connector 10.1 and above instead using the Data Exchange Framework .  Before starting these steps, take a note of a few video pages in the environment you are setting up. That way you can refer to these pages after the upgrade to make sure these videos pages continue to work. Follow these steps in the following order.  1. Install the Sitecore Installation package: Data Exchange Framework 6.0.0 rev. 01537 via Sitecore installation wizard.   2. For CM just package install would be sufficient (Takes around 30 min). For CD we would need to copy files (unzip the package and copy the files in the "Files" folder) over.   3. Run Cleanup script migration-cleanup.ps1 from root Sitecore site. This script is found in the full source code download of the connector.  4. Install Brightcove Video connect package [example: Brightcove.Video.Connect.for.Sitecore-10.1.X-37]