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Sitecore: Performance debug troubleshooting

There are times when you need to debug your Sitecore codebase and find out what part of the code is taking the most time and troubleshoot page load times. One of the most useful methods is to load the following page (after you have logged into Sitecore) http://{YourWebsite}/?sc_mode=normal&sc_debug=1&sc_trace=1&sc_prof=1&sc_ri=1&sc_rb=1 sc_mode – don't load the experience editor sc_debug - turn on the debug mode sc_trace - turn on Sitecore trace sc_prof - turn on Sitecore profiler sc_ri - show rendering information sc_rb - show rendering borders Next scroll down to the bottom of your page and you should see something similar to this image It should show you where the most time is spent. The next step would be to identify the section of your code base that is taking the most time and drill down to more specifics. To find out exactly how long a particular section of code takes, add the following: Sitecore.Diagnostics.Profiler.StartOperation("